Monday, July 30, 2007

Al Gore III Is Paying the Time for His Crime... When Will the Bushies Do the Same?

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I just looked at The Register, and noticed this. Al Gore III pleaded guilty to unlawful possession of prescription drugs and marijuana. He's just been sentenced to 90 days in at a residential rehab program in Malibu. If Al Gore III successfully completes the program, the conviction will be stricken from his record next year.

That's nice to see. OK, so he'll probably have it easy at rehab in Malibu. I'm sure it will be a lovely facility on well-manicured grounds filled with other fabulous celebrities who've also been caught with drugs. But you know what? At least Al Gore III has confessed to his crimes, and at least he's willing to do the time.

Our Great Leader Dubya won't even allow for Scooter Libby to serve any jail time for obstructing the investigation into who leaked covert CIA officer Valerie Wilson to conservative pundit Bob Novak. Congressional Republicans still don't want to investigate Alberto Gonzales and the many injustices that are still being committed in the "Justice" Department. Heck, there's still resistance to the thought of even a censure of Bush and Cheney for the many crimes they've committed against our Constitution and our nation. Why can't these folks be held accountable for all their crimes?

If Al Gore III can plead guilty for his drug possession and agree to go to rehab, then why can't the Bushies do the time for their crimes? Why can't justice actually be served more often? Ah, if only all the Bushies could be caught doing 100 miles per hour in a Prius on the 5 in Mission Viejo. Maybe then, we can finally see justice served.

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