Wednesday, September 13, 2006

A Great American Hero(ine) Has Passed

A great American leader has left our planet earth today. Former Texas Governor Anne Richards made history, well... why dont we call it "HER STORY"?!... by being the first woman to win TX Governor in half a century, appointing more women and minorities to state posts than any of her predecessors, and let's face it... She was just amazing.

I mean, who else would say this when asked what she might have done differently as Governor:
"Oh, I would probably have raised more hell."

We'll all miss you, Ann.- Andrew : )

Oh, and read the full obit piece on Austin American-Statesman' s website: http://www.statesma content/gen/ ap/TX_Obit_ Richards. html?COXnetJSessionIDbui ld161=FISMq3j3zH s2sKF7kFTwEBhAKn t5xyWYWKAIp1jBO9 Pn4Qp1d6N8!499531734& UrAuth=`NXNUObNW UbTTUWUXUWUZTYU_ UWUcU\UZU]UZUcTYWYWZV& urcm=y

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