Monday, September 25, 2006

Facts About SD 34

Okay, so in case any of you don't know, I live in CA's 34th State Senate District... Basically, this will be the most competitive legislative race in the state. Now I understand that many of my Repug friends would like to say that Lynn Daucher (the R candidiate) has the upper hand in this race (To her credit, she already has a $400k war chest, while we're still catching up), I would beg to differ. Here are some plain facts about this race:

Fact: SD 34 is a minority-majority district. Lou Correa (the Democrat) is a Latino who has lived in the area his whole life, while Daucher is coming here from "lily-white" Brea.

Fact: Eminent domain can be a big issue in Central OC. While Correa has been on the record opposing eminent domain abuse, Daucher abused eminent domain herself while on the Brea City Council.

Fact: Correa has numerous volunteers walking for him every weekend, as well as calling every evening. Now Daucher... I have no clue.

Fact: The CDP (state Dems) just opened an office in Anaheim, and they're "ready to rumble". Hmmm... Does Team GOP even have an office near SD 34?

Fact: Don Perata's ready to go "all in" for Lou, while Dick Ackerman's already "all in" for Lynn.

Fact: Arnold doesn't seem to have coattails with any other GOP candidates (save possibly McPherson and Poizner... and Poizner's now in deep s*** over lying about insurance co donations)... But anyways, Loretta always seems to ahve coattails in Central OC! And Loretta wants to make sure SD 34 stays blue.

So while Lou may have to fight hard to win this seat, he probably still has the upper hand. Especially now that the CDP is going all out on this one, you better believe they won't stop fighting until they see victory on Nov 7.

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