Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Welcome to My World!

Hello, everyone! Welcome to my blog! Since there has been so much to talk about lately, I hope to get started soon. Although my schedule can be busy at times, I plan to talk to all of you just about every day... I think this is the start of a beautiful new relationship!!

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Stanley Fiala said...

Well Andrew,

This is gone be an interesting bloging.
Since you have invited me to rant here and there is not really a post on which I can comment I will use the last one.
You are 19 and my daughter is 16 and I am 60 so there is gone be extreme generational gap.
Considering a generation to be 20 years the gap is two generations.
How come that you are not bloging on My Space?

Now back to your statement at OJ.

"In that case, thank goodness I live in Santa Ana. At least here, reason prevails over insanity (try 80% for Pulido vs. an unnamed psycho who continually harrasses [sic] us here at OJ)."

Could you list any harassment I have posted at OJ?
Please explain why do you believe that I am "psycho".
Why is 20% or 10,000 people such bad result in election when you are running against the candidate who was first elected in the council before you were born, have tuns of money, is corrupt and have entire city in his packet?
Can you imagine how long line of people it would it be if 10,000 people would assemble on the 4th street?
All these people believe that you better candidate than Pulido.
Would you feel like a looser?
Have you red the compare-candidates and can you tell me if my ideas about the Santa An are psychopathic?